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The  is  a Reprap Melzi Ardentissimo fullfeatured board using the ATMEGA 1284P 16MHZ ( is being tested) chip . This is a Sanguinololu firmware compatible board, need not the extra fan, hasing micro SD on board as well. A full  firmware is on board as well negating the need for external stepper motor drivers.


  • This is a complete set of 3D printers electronic control board
  • The main chip is ATmega1284P (TWICE the memory of the inferior 644P!)
  • 4*Stepper Motor Driver integrated chips are  Allegro A4988
  • Integrated USB chip FT232RL socket
  • Integrated X/Y/Z/E step motor driver with sockets
  • Integrated X/Y/Z stopping  with sockets
  • integrated heatbead temperature controller with sockets
  • integrated hotend temperature controller with sockets
  • integrated power in sockets
  • integrated micro SD card socket
  • just connecting this board with USB wire into your pc, win7 can automaticly driving it,
    install control software, the 3D printer you made is well done.
  • if connect with our mk4 hotend nozzle,it need not to be adjusted and  easily excute you 3D printing project.


  • Click to download the codes


  • 1x New Complete Reprap V2.0 Melzi 3D Print Controller Board


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