Mega 2560 Re Mucation r 3 + lcd 4884 Xannibada nooca'hc-sr 04, `` Sensor Ultrasonic ''


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Mega2560 R3:

*1.0 pinout: added SDA and SCL pins that are near to the AREF pin and two other new pins placed near to the RESET pin, the IOREF that allow the shields to adapt to the voltage provided from the board. In future, shields will be compatible both with the board that use the AVR, which operate with 5V and with the Arduino Due that operate with 3.3V. The second one is a not connected pin, that is reserved for future purposes.
*Stronger RESET circuit.
*Atmega 16U2 replace the 8U2

The LCD4884 Shield provides 48x48 display. This LCD shield can apparently meet your needs to display much information. It can display English, Chinese, even images. It also integrates a 5 DOF joystick. The shield has 6 Digital IO and 5 Analog IO. This 3 pin connector has a temperature sensor which can help indicate the temperature.

The Prototype Shield is a great kit to new Arduino users and geeks who have sparkling ideas. You can choose to do soldering in the soldering area. You can also make good use of the mini breadboard which can save your time of soldering. Try any circuit you want to the Arduino. You also can choose to use your own breadboard.

The Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor are 4 pins : VCC , Trig, Echo, GND . So it's a very easy interface for controller to use it ranging. The all process is: pull the Trig pin to high level for more than 10us impulse, the module start ranging;finish ranging. If you find an object in front , Echo pin will be high level , and based on the different distance, it will take the different duration of high level. So we can calculated the distance easily :
Distance = ((Duration of high level)*(Sonic :340m/s))/2

Package Content:
1 Mega 2560 R3
1 LCD4884 Shield
1 Prototype Shield (with Breadboard Jump Wires)
1 HC-SR04 Distance Sensor


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